WATERFALLS AND CROSSING STREAMS: Having crossed many streams, we can assure you that this is very hazardous. When fording a stream, wear a water shoe if possible to protect your feet and loosen or unbuckle your pack. Also this a great time to make use of those Trekking poles to stabilize you while crossing. Also your Trekking pole will help you feel and see just how deep the water is.  If you fall in, you’ll want to discard your pack and point your feet downstream. Mossy covered and sprayed rocks can be like walking on ice.


Unfortunately there have been too many fatalities from people climbing on waterfalls. It never ceases to amaze us that although it is posted at most falls, not to climb and the number of drownings etc., there is usually a half dozen kids and adults where they’re not suppose to be. These waterfalls have very strong under currents that will pull you down with such force you won’t be able to return to the top. Some folks have never been recovered.