If you haven’t packed a couple cases of water, hopefully you have found a campsite near a clear running stream. Whatever method you use to filter and purify your water, please be sure to do so. The failure to consume properly filtered water may have devastating results.




Berkey Water Filter: This is a great alternative to the bottled water. It not only will filter enough drinking water, but will supply enough cleansed water for dishwashing and showers. We not only take our Berkey with us on dry camp excursions, we also use it at home on a daily basis.

The versatile system purifies both treated and untreated water from lakes, streams and stagnant ponds. It is used extensively in foreign countries.

It is a gravity type system. You fill the top part of the container with unfiltered water and in about an hour you will have approximately 1 gallon of water ready for use in the bottom container. We did pay extra to get the filters to remove Arsenic and fluoride.

We consider the Berkey Water Filter a must have for dry camping and if a Natural Disaster were to occur.


Solar Showers: What can I say we all need to take a shower sooner or later! In our first camper we did not have bathroom facilities. So we have two solar showers, each 2 gallon black bags. You fill them with water and lay the bag in the sun. The water will heat up nicely. I have also used these solar bags to rinse dishes. They are great to have on hand for camping or for an emergency.

Helio LX Shower


Shower Enclosure: Yes we have one of these too. They are cheap and easy to put up. We used ours when we had the camper with no bathroom facilities. But we still carry it to use when dry camping and we have no water in our fresh water holding tanks when boondockiing. The enclosure is also great to have for the porta potty to put in when you are boondocking also.