I named it the Big Green Bus because that is exactly what it is a BIG Green Bus. We were camping near Branson Missouri for the week and were on the way to a friend’s house when I saw it. I had to stop to take pictures.


I am always fascinated by unusual and different campers. I love to hear folks stories on why they built them and how it was done. What is inside their special campers and where they been with them.


This is by far the biggest bus conversion I have seen out there. I did call the number on the side of the bus and spoke to the owner, Bill. He said the bus is approximately 38 feet long. It has 9 foot ceilings with a sleeping loft too. There are 10 foot long counter tops. It has a full size shower and bathroom.


The original Bus is a 1992 Blue Bird, 6 cyclinder diesel with a 116,000 miles on it.


Originally Bill built it for himself and he did live in it for two years while in Arizona.


As we all know things change in our lives and he is making a change. He relocated to Branson and is looking for a new home for the Bus.


Me I would love to own it! But it only gets 6 miles per gallon.