As you know there are a million tents on the market. The main thing we wanted was a free standing tent, not a tent that was held up by guide lines or hiking poles. There may be an occasion where you come across a site where you can’t put a stake in the ground. What if you loose a hiking pole off the side of the mountain? These are things to take into consideration.


In our opinion if the tent says it is a three person tent it is actually a two person. A four person is really a three person. Unless you are extremely skinny!


This we learned after we got our tent. If your tent specifications state the floor area is 70″ wide by 90″ long, you have to take into consideration that the floor area is like a bathtub. The floor comes up the sides of the tent. Our tent is 70″ wide, our two sleeping pads together are 54 wide they just fit side by side inside the tent.


We ended up with a Big Agnes Angel UL3. It is extremely easy to set up and take down. The two of us and our dog along with our gear fit nicely in the tent. It weighs a little over 3lbs. Has one vestibule. It is recommended to purchase a footprint.