After experimenting with this dish, we simplified it and got the results we wanted. This is one of our favorites camping as well as at home.

1 container      of Willapoint Oysters

1 cup               All Purpose Flour

½ cup               of white corn meal

1 tablespoon   Tony Catchers Cajun Seasoning

1 Large             egg beaten or ¼ cup of Egg Beaters

4 tablespoons   Canola or Olive Oil


Drain and rinse the oysters in a colander then place in a large bowl. Add the whisked egg or Egg Beaters.

In a freezer storage bag combine the flour, corn meal, cajum seasoning and toss.

With a slotted spoon place 3 to 4 oysters in the bag at a time and toss.

Remove the oysters from the bag, put  them in the skillet and cook on medium to high until golden brown.

Serve with your favorite side or salad.