Sleeping bags: They are expensive! The lighter and warmer the more expensive. Trying to find rectangular bags that are warm, lightweight and be zipped together was hard. Everyone is using mummy bags. Sorry can’t sleep that way and want to share the space with my spouse.


First choice was a Dueter Trek Lite SQ. It is a 0 degree rectangular bag that can be zipped together weighing in at 2.4lbs. Problem not available in the USA.


Ended up with LLBean rectangular 25 degree bags that weigh 2.9lbs. They come with lifetime guarantee. The sleeping bags are constructed of high quality materials. The zippers are beefy and do not snag. They were reasonable in price too. Comes with a storage bag and pack bag. Please note when you are not backpacking it is advisable to store your sleeping bags in their storage bags not the stuff sacks. Longer shelf life that way.



Sleeping Pads: There are tons of pads out there. We chose Exped Down Mat UL7 Long Wide. They are great! The size is 26 wide by 77 long. 2.8 inches thick and have down in them for insulation. Comes with an air bag to fill the pad. Takes about 4 bags of air per pad. The air bag can also double as a solar shower and/or laundry bag. But be aware instructions state the bag must pump dry air inside the pad due to the fact it is has down inside no moisture should enter the pad. It is also recommended that you store these pads outside of their stuff sacks when in storage to insure a longer shelf life.