Once you’ve loaded everything but the kitchen sink in your camper and vehicle, i.e., food, drink, clothes, etc., you will begin your journey to your selected campground or location.

Upon arrival at your site prior to backing in your RV, please check to make sure there are no low hanging tree limbs or debris left by the previous campers. Hopefully you have selected a near level site and have a partner that can help guide you into the site. Keep in mind that some campgrounds have pull thru sites, these come in handy for those who find it difficult to back that rig in.

We use to use hand held walkie-talkies to communicate and still do if there Is no cell phone reception. Now we simply use the cell phones to communicate between the driver and the director. After several outings you will come more familiar in the campground and the sites that are offered. You should give special attention to the depth of the site as well as the width, particularly if you have a slide out. Can’t tell you how many times we have backed into a site only to find out that we couldn’t put our slide out because the power box or a tree.

Once your safely on site, then begin to look at the leveling, stabilizing, hooking up power and water and all the rest. A developed routine will make this a lot easier and faster.


Site Prep