Okay I know this is not probably your favorite subject but it needs to be discussed because we feel it is important and helpful information.


What if you dry camping and have no source to dump your sanitation holding tank? You use a Luggaloo portable potty. No this is not one of those porta potties that have the chemicals in it to stink up the place.


A Luggaloo is 5 gallon bucket with a snap on lid. You can purchase bio-degradable bags for the inside to line it with or get a box of the plastic trash compactor bags. Line the bucket first with a black trash bag then line it with a heavy duty trash compactor bag. Then line on top of that several thinner white trash bags. I put a scoop of horse pine pellets in the bottom of the top bag. After the person uses the luggaloo they need to press down the last bag liner twist it off and put another scoop of pellets on top for the next person. The horse pine pellets with swell up and absorb the moisture and/or waste. After using the luggaloo several times you will have to dispose of it by pulling the black bag up and out, tying it off and disposing of it in the trash.


Your other option would be to dig a hole and bury your waste if allowed in the area you are dry camped. If you choose to do that then please make sure you purchase the bio-degradable bags.