It is of upmost importance that you follow a plan of safety. Never take things for granted. Have a list of items you pack for a day hike. You never know what may or could happen. In our earlier days we learned the hard way. Bear encounters, running out of water on top of a mountain, slipping and falling. For instance if you are allergic to certain insect bites make sure you carry proper medications.  In a lot of areas in National Parks you have no cell phone service. Too many times we have seen people not carry enough fluids and/or food. Please don’t start a low carb diet and then hike 5 miles for your first time. It is not good!


Check weather conditions in the area you are hiking. See if there are storms expected that day and know what the temperatures for the day are going to be.


We hope the information we provide here will help you have a safe, better and enjoyable hike.


Waterfall & stream crossings

Drinking water

Bear Basics



Poisonous Plants


Ankle and Knee Injuries

Heat Related Illness

Lightning Strikes