Welcome to Camping360degrees RECIPES.

Most campers can cook a hot dog or hamburger with little difficulty and we won’t be dwelling on how to cook the biggest best juiciest tasting burger.

Instead in the interest of a HEALTHLY LIFESTYLE we will attempt to provide to you several EASY TO PREPARE camping friendly recipes.

The recipes that we will be providing for the most part are low in fat, cholesterol, starch and carbohydrates. In the interest of heart healthy, we for the most part have, omitted the need of salt and sugar in preparation.

When possible the use of “in-season” vegetables and the addition of fresh herbs is highly recommended. We would also encourage you to shop at local farmers markets.

Cooking on a campfire pit can easily be achieved with some helpful hints and a little practice. Fires can be started and built in many ways, however one of, and probably the most important, is the selection of wood.

Hardwood is definitely the wood of choice, whether it is local cut wood or downed wood from in and around the campsite. The use of softwood lumber is not recommended for cooking. There is also a recent movement because of insect infestations, that all campfire wood be obtained locally or in some instances be purchased. Just keep in mind, if you are going to be cooking with wood, that it be hardwood i.e., hickory or oak, and that it has not been chemically treated.

It is common practice in our campsite to prepare a fire by placing two pieces of cut wood parallel to each other and a half dozen or so of Match Light Charcoal placed between. Once the charcoal is lit, we begin building a fire “cabin style” and later use the “T Pee” method to obtain the desired height and flame.

Now that the fire has been successfully built , the cooking method is addressed, whether it be Dutch oven, skillet, roasting or other. The use of seasoned cast iron is our choice and we recommend it highly. On occasion we may use a non-stick skillet. Many campers tend not to use conventional cookware because of suet buildup. This can be simply overcome by applying a coat of “Palmolive Oxy Clean” dish soap to the bottom of the skillet, pot or pan. After cooking and the cookware has cooled, simply wash it off. All the suet will be removed without heavy scrubbing.

If you have been camping for a while or not, you will find that the grill grates on most campfire rings are less than desirable to cook on. Should you want to grill, simply place a grill grid of your own op top of the existing one and you are ready to go. That’s right, don’t throw away that BBQ grill grate from that old rusted out Weber. Use it, or purchase a replacement grid from your local retailer. Works well!

We hope that this has provided you with enough information to get started cooking on a campfire. Above all else be safe. In addition we will be posting salads and such on a regular basis, Please check back with us from time to time. Enjoy!