What could be better than photographing some of the finest scenery, wildlife and cultural history in the country? That is what the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer. What better way to get those one of a kind pictures than with us who know the area because this territory has been our stomping grounds for the past 24 years. Not only does the Smoky Mountains offer great photography opportunities but there are also scenic beautiful locations in the Cherokee National Park that also have excellent photo taking locations where no others have bothered to look. We call the Cherahola Skyway the peaceful side of the Smoky Mountains.


Foggy mornings have a quality of light that is often unequaled to any other time. There are times when inclement weather can produce some awesome pictures as rain is a real possibility and we cannot guarantee the weather.


We will concentrate on exploring and shooting locations that are often located within driving distance. Some locations will involve trail hiking and elevations gains with distances of 1 to 2 miles. Hiking boots are recommended. Be prepared for extreme and sudden temperature changes. Mornings can be cold as arrival at most locations needs to be no later than 7:20 a.m. and Sunsets are at approximately 6:45 p.m.


Not only will you be able to get those unique photos but you will be able to enjoy awesome views and great company with folks that know the history and back road locations. You will also have the opportunity to experience and see for yourself what makes the Great Smoky Mountains National Park one of the Premiere photo destinations in the world. There are opportunities to photograph waterfalls, cascading streams, wildlife, turkeys, maybe black bears and more.


The gear you will need to bring with you should be a flashlight, headlamp, tripod, lots of memory cards, filters, extra shoes and socks, camera of course, rain gear, hiking boots, water shoes a must, very warm clothes, hiking sticks, umbrella, knee braces if needed.


Our guide service DOES NOT include transportation, lodging or meals. We require an a

Acknowledgement of Risk Form as well as a Release of Liability Form signed before going into the field.


Should this sound like something you would be interested in doing please do not hesitate to contact us.