First Aid Kit: Some veterans suggest making up your own First Aid Kit by simply putting the desired products in an old kit bag. We chose the MEDIC KIT because it is ultra light and water tight. The kit contains just about everything you may need as far as wound care. Either way, don’t leave home without one.


Whistle: This is one item we never leave home without, whether it’s a day hike, overnight hike, or backcountry adventure. The 122db whistle can be used to notify or warn others and has been used to deter a bear. Don’t pack it away, keep it handy. Please see our bear story under hiking.


Plastic Shovel: It’s pretty common knowledge when in the back country, camping or hiking on the trail when it’s time to defecate you need to dig a 6 inch deep “cat hole”. This is when the shovel weighing only 2 ounces comes in handy. The shovel also comes in handy when cleaning out some of the neglected fire pits you may come across. If your no longer a young buck that can carry the ole collapsible steel shovel, this is the one to get.  Please hike at least 100 feet away from your camp site when digging your hole.


Toilet paper: Please use environmentally friendly biodegradable paper. Please don’t think about using leaves no telling what is on them.