Lightning, non-predictable, and can hit anywhere. It is most active around the edges of the thunderstorms and may strike before the storm is upon you. It is advised to seek shelter away from solitary trees, rocks, outcroppings or overhangs. Lightning has been said to jump from gaps of overhangs like a sparkplug. It can travel down tree trunk splattering the bark and may follow wires and fences.


If the storm is upon you discard your pack (metal frame) and your metal trekking poles approximately 100 feet from your position. Hopefully you’ve found a low depression where you can take shelter under a stand of trees. Dawn your rain gear and wait for the storm to pass.


Be responsible; check the weather forecast prior to your trip. Should you or yours be struck by lightning CPR may be needed. We suggest that you attend an American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Certification course.