Lifesaver water Purifier: This was a difficult find. Most of your water filtration systems are filters, not purifiers. Most salespersons suggest we don’t need purifiers while hiking the Appalachians.Can you imagine how many folks bathe, wash clothes and do other things in our creeks here. Think about the Bears and Wildlife that bathe in the creeks too! Some suggest that the water coming off the rocks is safe without filtration or purifying, please be safe.

Lifesaver bottle is the world’s first all in one ultra filtration water bottle. It will remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and all other microbiological waterborne pathogens without using chemicals like iodine or chlorine leaving a foul taste. With the Lifesaver there is no need for tablets, boiling, chemicals, tubes, shaking, scrubbing, waiting or effort. Simply scoop up the water, give it a few pumps and your ready to drink clean water.


Protective Pouch: The protective pouch is designed to hold both the 4000UF and the 6000UF models. Intergrated clips allow for easy attachment to rucksacks and other items. A carry handle allows for easy carriage and there is a storage area in the cover for  spare filters.


Nalgene Bottle: There are so many of these on the market of different sizes, shapes and colors. An important factor to consider is to be sure that the bottle is BPA free. Impact resistant, leak proof and dishwasher safe are all factors in selecting a water bottle. Unless you want to carry the bottle the entire trip you may want to be sure that it will fit in the desired pocket area of the backpack.