Hiking has become one of America’s greatest past times. This is a good alternative to cycling and running that can achieve desired cardiovascular results. There has been many articles written lately suggesting that to prepare for a hike, a person needs first to get into shape. It never hurts to do a routine workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, 15 minutes on the treadmill will not prepare you for a day of hiking.


We suggest that beginning with small hikes of easy terrain and short duration will prove to have positive results. Soon you will be able to progress to longer hikes, perhaps a 3 mile hike of easy to moderate difficulty. The next thing you know, you’ll be hiking 8 miles of difficult terrain and doing 10-15 mile loops.


A lot of the success in your endeavors will depend on some precautions, proper clothing and footwear. While hiking in the State and National Parks, please observe their Rules and Regulations and remember to hike with backcountry ethics.




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