A real simple and quick recipe to be enjoyed before, during, or after any game.


(1) 2 pound box New Zealand Greenshell Mussels in the half shell, thawed

Pesto i.e., Traditional Basil Sun Dried Tomato

Buffalo Sauce

Blue Cheese

Three Cheese Blend, Shredded

Olive Oil

Pepper Flakes


Simply layout the thawed mussels on a baking sheet when at home and preheat oven to 400 degrees. When camping I use a large Cast Iron Skillet and tent it with foil over the fire.

Then be creative and use any combination of ingredients to your liking. Put as much or as little on top of each mussel and bake for ten to fifteen minutes.

Name them as you create. Here are some examples:


The Italiano                 Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

The Buffalo                 Your favorite Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese Crumble

The Pesto                    Homemade or store Pesto Sauce. We like Traditional Basil

The Diablo                   Romano or 3 Cheeses, Red Pepper Flakes, Olive Oil

The Garlic                    Garlic, Chopped and melted Butter, Parsley


These all serve well as an appetizer for any occasion. ENJOY!!!