Seriously we have seen everything from the bare foot hiker to a lady hiking in heels. We tend to choose a footwear that is suitable for the hike. For short daily hikes we may choose a more athletic type footwear. For those long hikes with difficult terrain, a water proof high top boot with special soles may be more desirable.


There is also a large selection of socks to choose from. Again having many different types for specific applications is a must.


Whatever type of foot wear you may choose, please take the time to break them in. Failure to do so may result in some excruciating pain and blisters. In most cases that we’ve seen this will leave you having to apply mole-skin and possibly duct tape.


If you intend to hike high altitudes where ice may occur you’ll want to consider purchasing some crampons. These simply clip over your hiking boot soles and are very helpful when trekking across the frozen tundra.


One last item to consider is a pair of gators. These come in various types and sizes. When worn over your footwear they can provide extra protection against the rain, weeds, and insects.

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