Bear Canister: We use a Garcia Bear Resistant container. Yes it’s a little big, but living in bear country and the recent bear attacks we do not take chances. The canister has available a carry case to hoist the container up a tree.


Allowing bears access to human food can lead to dangerous conditioned behavior. It is tragic that every year nuisance bears that become a threat to humans must be destroyed.


Some parks have regulations stating a bear vault is mandatory. The model 812 Backpackers Cache will keep your food and the bears safe. The container weighs 2.7 pounds, is 8.8 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. It has the capacity of 614 cubic inches, plenty of storage.


We like to take the Cache on adventures even if not required to do so by officials. It helps keep things organized in the backpack and doubles as a stool around the campfire.


Case: The nylon carry case for the bear resistant food container allows you to fasten the container to the backpack. It also facilitates the hanging of the  vault out of bears and wild animals reach.


Cord: There are so many uses for the para-chord, from first-aid, making a splint, to hoisting your food out of the reach of bears and wild animals. This cord and a knowledge of knots will go far. This is another must have. We particularly like the optic orange and safety green.