Fall Branch Falls Trail and Waterfall

Cherohala Skyway Highway 165

Tellico Plains, Tennessee


This is a great short hike with some awesome views of a rarely seen waterfall. This is a great place to hike to. This waterfall is not on any maps and there are no signs at the trail heads. It’s quiet and relatively unknown.


To get to the start of the trail you need to travel from the town of Tellico Plains Tennessee up the Cherohala Skyway (Hwy. 168) towards Robbinsville North Carolina, to East Rattlesnake cut off parking lot. It will be on the left. Park there and to the left of the parking lot you will see an opening in the stone wall. Proceed a short way down the trail and you will come to a fork in the trail. To the left leads to Jefferies Hell trail. You will want to proceed to the left and continue about 1.5 miles.


The trail has had significant storm damage over the past two years. Large trees have gone down. Some have been cut up so you can get around them, but some you will have to navigate over and under. It is definitely worth the trip.


When you get back towards Fall Branch Falls you will notice a lot of huge rock formations that appear to have been cut. At one point you will hike up thru a cut out. As you get near the falls you will either have to continue climbing up the trail or navigate the huge boulders to get to the falls. The boulders are covered with moss and can be extremely slippery so do be careful.


Once you get to the falls you will notice there is a huge pool at the bottom. In the summer when it is 95 degrees it is a great place to cool off.


Again please notice the huge rock formation that scans across the backdrop of the waterfall. It is a massive wall of rock. We have never ventured past the falls and do not know the history of the falls.


Please remember this is bear country and the bears in this area have a huge presence. You can see that on the trail because there are a lot of berries available on the ground and in the plants.


There are additional photos in Fall Branch Falls Photos