Electrical: Once on site and your leveled, stabilized you will want to hookup to the “power pediestal” if provided. Some campgrounds to date still do not provide a power source to all sites.

We first turn off all the breakers, plug in our surge protector and power cord. Then turn the breaker on. Same as disconnecting we turn off the breaker before unplugging.


Special precautions should be taken when connecting your RV to power. There have been many instances where a camper has lost or has had their system totally fried because of power surges and other anomalies


Surge Protector: It may be a on the pricey side, but this is one item that will give you some peace of mind. At a campground you will never know when there might be a drop or total power outage. Thunderstorms can roll in anytime during the summer months. This item will protect your RV from the hazards of connecting to a power pedestal. In our book, the price of this item out weighs the cost of having to replace an air conditioning unit, microwave, TV, stereo, inverter box and/or other.


After selecting whether or not you need a 30 amp or 50amp surge protector, we highly recommend that you purchase the TRC Universal Lock Hasp. This will allow you to lock your surge protector to your RV’s extension or power cord. This works well to prevent your valued surge protector from individuals looking for a five finger discount. We also recommend that if your power cord is of the threaded attachment type, meaning it is not hard wired to the RV, that you close and lock the cover of the power pedestal with a pad lock.


Power and Extension Cords: In most cases the RV’s 25ft. power cord is supplied by the manufacturer whether it’s hard wired or not.  However, if it is damaged beyond repair they are available for purchase. We would recommend that you keep a 30 amp or 50 amp extension cord handy for those campsites where you might need one.


Volt Meter: If you camper is not equipped with this item it is a good idea to purchase one. Plugging this into a 120 outlet will enable you to quickly ascertain a low voltage condition. Should anything other than green appear, would indicate that voltage sensitive appliances should be turned off.

Electric Heater

Amp Table