Whether we are dry camping or camping in a campground we try and cook on the open fire as much as possible. That’s the whole reason for camping. Plus have you ever cooked bacon in your camper? Try getting that smell out.


Here is a great tip. I think the reason most folks don’t like to cook on the open fire is they burn their pots and can’t get the black stuff off. Coat the outside of your pots and pans with Palmolive Oxy Ultra Concentrated dish soap. Then the black stuff usually washes off without any real effort. With the price of Titanium pots and pans these days it’s worth it to have some on hand.


Speaking of cookware, the new Titanium cookware is very expensive but definitely worth it. I love my coffee cups and will probably have them forever. Think how often do you buy cookware? This is our second time in 30 years.


The other cookware we use a lot in the campground is our cast iron skillets. As you well know cast iron last forever but is heavy.


As for cleaning and washing I would never go without my collapsible dish pan, drying rack and drain pan. You have limited space in your RV so look for products like these that fold down to conserve your space.