This hearty one pot dish is always a crowd pleaser.

The dish at its most basic contains shrimp, seafood seasoning, smoked sausage, corn on the cob, and potatoes. Whatever the ingredients, it’s a take-your-shoes-off-and-relax kind of dish.

First build a hot fire. Then in a large skillet brown the sausage. Browning the sausage gives texture and helps in removing unwanted oil.

While the sausage is browning wash and prepare the vegetables, shrimp and crawfish.

Once the sausage has been browned remove from the fire and oil and set aside.

Place a 20 quart pot on the fire, fill approximately ¾ ways with water and add 1 can of Bay seasoning.

Add additional pieces of wood to the fire as needed to bring the water to a rolling boil.

Once you have a good boil going, add a dozen or so small red potatoes and cook covered for approximately 20 minutes.

Now add the corn on the cob and cook for additional five minutes.

Finally add the shrimp, crawfish, and the sausage and cook an additional 3 to 5 minutes.

Remove all ingredients from the pot and place on a large serving platter or oven foil tray.

Serve with your favorite cocktail sauce, butter, salt or whatever comes to mind.

Fire toasted Garlic Bread is an excellent addition.


2          1lb. Sausage Links (Andouille is our favorite)

12        small red potatoes

12        ears of corn (shuck and split in half)

1          5lb. of raw jumbo shrimp

1          5lb. of cooked crawfish

1          can of Bay Seasoning.


Cocktail Sauce


Garlic Bread

This is a feast for six or more!  ENJOY!