All week long Mom and Dad have been asking me if I wanted to go camping or they have been saying Boomer we are going camping this weekend. Boy was I getting excited. I thought we were going to do the normal camping, meaning hauling the RV.

Usually when I see them packing up the backpacks that means I am staying home. So Friday comes and after work we head out instead of going home and getting the camper. Now I am really confused! I get in my normal position which is on the floor of the front seat of the truck and sleep. That is until I hear a turn signal, then I am up and scouting the situation out. I see we are making the normal turns which indicates we are going to Big Ridge State Park.

When we get there Dad parks in the parking lot by the office. They get out and leave me in the truck! I sure hope they aren’t leaving me in this truck over night! I am getting nervous now and barking at them!

I see Mom drop the tailgate and start changing into her hiking boots. Dad too! Then I see them both put on those huge packs. They’re not going to leave me here are they?!#

Finally Dad opens the truck door and grabs me like a sack of potatoes, hooks me up to my harness and asks me if I am ready to go. Go where? Yikes! What is going on?

Off we go walking across the parking lot and towards the trail. We head uphill for a while and I can hear them breathing hard. Okay now I am excited because they are taking me on a backpacking trip again! Maybe we are going to meet up with Tessa. That is my friend from last year that went with me. We had a blast I got to run around the campsite without being harnessed.

We keep going, cross the dam and head left up another hill. Mom and Dad seem to have stopped breathing hard and must have their pace going. Now we are starting to move along and I keep getting yelled at to stop checking pee mail. That means I am peeing on to many trees. I can’t help it though. When I am out in the woods my nose picks up all these scents of other dogs before me. Drives me nuts!

Dad mentions we have 3 miles to go yet and we have to pick up the pace or we won’t make it before dark. Soon we past our campsite from last year, Hmm Tessa is not there. I wonder where she is? Dad keeps going; Mom and I are following him.

Now we have been hiking for a while when all of a sudden we come to a T in the trail. Everyone stops, Dad and Mom get out the hiking headlamps. Dad says it’s getting dark and we need them to see where we are going. Not much of a moon out.

Soon it’s getting really dark, I am getting nervous now! I started hearing something like a weird bird making noises at us. Dad says it’s a Hoot Owl. Sounds big to me! Sure hope he doesn’t swoop down and grab me. Ya know it is Halloween!

The trail is getting narrower and we keep coming to huge trees that have fallen down that we either have to climb over top or underneath. Mom and Dad are having quite a time trying to squat down with those big packs on. I keep getting told to jump up and over. Geeze they act like I am some huge dog. They forget I have short little legs. I am trying though and making it work. If I can’t make it over the trees they hoist me up like a sack of potatoes and launch me over the top.

We keep going thru creeks and around more trees. I keep hearing weird noises like something running in the woods. Pretty soon Dad stops and says I think we may be off the trail. Mom says I think so because she lost track of the white spray painted squares on the trees to mark the trail. So now we turn around and head back a little ways.

Soon we find the trail again and start going a different direction. We finally get to the campsite, thank goodness! Mom and Dad take their packs off and start unpacking. Dad is gathering firewood and mom is setting up the tent and making our beds. Soon we all get in the tent and go to bed. I guess it is too dark to do anything else. I am glad because 9:00 P.M. is my bedtime and after hiking 3 or miles I am definitely pooped! I am out like a light.

That is until I heard a tree fall in the forest, then a wolf barking off in the distance and that stupid bird making noises again. Oh Yeah, Dad said it is a Hoot Owl! He sure sounds bigger than me.

In the morning we get up and it’s really cold out. I hear dad say its 30 degrees! Mom puts on my sweater and we all get up and out of the tent. Dad makes a fire and Mom starts the coffee and breakfast. We all three sit around the camp fire. I am still cold so I just head back to the tent to get in those nice warm sleeping bags.

I hear dad say there is no water source, the creek is dry so we will have to hike back out this morning. After hanging around camp for most of the morning and after packing up we headed out and back to the truck.

On the way back we took another trail that was suppose to be shorter. This trail was a whole lot steeper and there was a lot of climbing we had to do. I felt like Mom was breathing down the back of my neck she was that close to me. Mom and Dad did a lot of slipping and sliding to but no one fell.

When we got back I was ready to take a long nap!


Boomer halloween hike

Halloween hike