Boomer here again and boy do I have a story for you! I got the crap scared out of me on Thanksgiving. Wait until you hear my story!

To start Dad and Mom wanted to go Boon docking for Thanksgiving so we could try out our new solar set up. So off we headed for Cherokee National Forest.

We got there just in time to set up before dark. We actually got the perfect spot back in a corner in the over flow section. That is the only part of the campground open in the winter. There were two other campers in the area for the weekend.

Anyways all was good, the food Dad prepared on the grill was excellent and yes I got samples! No desert because it was Jell-O and I don’t eat that stuff.

I got to go catfishing and catch some sun rays to keep my nose black and shiny. No sun and my nose turns pink. No catfish was caught; it was too windy and cold. Dad says the cat fish head for deep waters when it’s cold.

Anyways the last night we were there, we were alone camping. It was very very dark except for the stars above us and a lantern that was lit. It was cold and windy so we sat close to the fire. My chair was between Mom and Dad, I was snuggled in my bed, when off in a distance a large group of coyotes started howling! Well I instantly sat up, barked back letting them know who was boss! About 2 minutes later a very short distance to our left about a pack of coyotes started howling. Then to our far right another group starting howling. I sat up looked at Mom and Dad like what is happening? Mom asked Dad if the pack had split up. Dad immediately says yes, asks where our protection is and Mom needed to get it ASAP! Mom jumps up goes and retrieves it as well as the air horns. Mom hands it to Dad and he uses it.  Meanwhile, I had jumped down from my chair intending to follow my Mom. I got down and froze in shock right there. I couldn’t move my small legs I mean I couldn’t move anything and then I started to shake. Mom swooped me up and put me inside her coat and sat down telling me everything was okay the coyotes were gone. It took an hour for me to calm down and stop shaking.

Now don’t get me wrong I am one tough dog and bark at all the big dogs on the trail. But that many wild coyotes surrounding our campsite was too much for me to handle. Geeze I would have been their desert because I only weigh 12lbs.

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