Hi, my name is Boomer Collins; I guess you could say I more or less run this show and watch out for my owners. But don’t tell them that. I have been camping and hiking since I was 4 weeks old. The day my owners brought me home they loaded up their camper and off we went.


I am now getting ready to turn 7 in August of 2015. Some say that makes me old. Not me because I keep hiking and camping. I love the outdoors. Love to feel the wind blow in my face. I like following the scents on the trails. The best thing to do is check pee mail at all the trees!


For a little dog the longest hike I have done so far is 5 miles in a day. I am usually good for 3.5 miles then I need a lift from my mom.


I am very protective of my owners and when I see another dog on the trail I let him know that I own the trail and I’m the boss. Sometimes though I get a little over bearing and get in trouble for barking too much.


The first place I went camping was Indian Boundary Campground in Tellico Plains Tennessee. It was great! There were so many things to see and do. So many kids to play with, I love kids.


The other thing I love most is to go fishing in our canoe. We head out on the lake and I get my position at the front of the canoe. There’s nothing like the fresh breeze off the lake at the crack of dawn blowing thru your hair. Also the mist and dew in the early morning is fantastic. After a few minutes I start to walk thru the canoe to check things out. See what mom brought to munch on and to watch them get their fishing poles ready and cast. I then lay down on the cool bottom of the canoe and wait. Sure enough soon I hear the drag noise on the fishing pole and I know someone has hooked a fish. This is where the excitement begins. I get so excited and worked up over a fish being reeled in! It’s the greatest thing. But one time I got a little too excited. Dad caught a fish and I thought well since we eat a lot of fish I could eat him right there. So I bit into the belly and got in trouble! Dad reminded me we eat them after they are cooked. So now I just get to lick them because some of them we have to throw back if they are too small. If we keep them they are put on a stringer and I get to watch over them while they are tied to the side of the canoe.


At night I sit by the campfire with my owners. I have my own chair between them and the munchies. It’s great! I listen to the night sounds like the owls and whippoorwills. Oh yeah we listen to WDVX too! Bluegrass! Friday Night Johnny Mack Blues Attack is the best!

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