Prevention is key when it comes to blisters. The “Old School” recommendation was to wear two pairs of socks. The inner pair was to be light and absorbent to prevent excess moisture buildup next to your skin. The outer pair, usually wool was for cushioning and its ability to loft when damp from sweat. The principal was that the different socks dissipate friction by sliding on each other, rather than transmitting the fiction to the skin.


Today, high tech socks, inserts and footwear are key to preventing blisters as well as toe jam. You may want to consider Smart Wool PHD compression socks! These compression type socks come in different weights to accommodate your needs according to your weight, distance, and loading carrying. Accompanied with inserts and proper hiking footwear you will go a long way in protecting your feet.


Should you develop a “hot spot” mole skin and tape seem to be the best method of treatment. Band-Aids have proven to have negative results when applying to blisters because they bunch up. We carry a little mole skin, surgical tape and duct tape for these unwelcomed “hot spots”.