Have you ever had a yearning for the wilderness, to smell the fresh pine scent, breathe fresh air, to see and touch beautiful waterfalls. Maybe even swim in those virgin pools of water? Is there some part of you that is yearning for what backpacking camping has to offer?


Are you unsure what to expect. You may find that you are a stronger person than you think, not only mentally but physically. What’s liberating is that in the wilderness you can be just you.


After a backpacking trip your more bound to feel more secure with yourself and what you are capable of accomplishing in the future. You will become a more grateful and a proud individual.


We at camping360degrees offer a one or two night beginners backpacking trips. We have some extra gear on hand but can refer you to a great retailer locally that can supply you with rental equipment.


We will design a personalized trip based on your abilities, experience and expectations.


Our trips include the history of the area we are camping and hiking in or around. We will go over survival tips that will become useful to you in the future as well as great healthy backcountry recipes for future trips.


We offer this service to groups of 1 to 4. Our guide service does not include transportation, lodging or meals. We require an Acknowledgement of Risk Form as well as a Release of Liability Form signed before going into the field. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for details.